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Made in Como, Italy - The world capital of silk


Can I choose another format or size for my scarf?

Yes, you can. Just head over to ‘Contact Us’ and let us know which format you would like to print on. Also let us know what material you want to use. We will then prepare a quote for you.

Can I choose another material for my scarf?

Yes, you can. Just head over to ‘Contact Us’ and send us a message with the material and format/size you would like to print on. We will then prepare a seperate quote for you.

Can I use my own personal design?

Yes, you can use your own design. Just upload your design in the form of a high resolution PDF file or PSD file. To do this, go to ‘Design Your Own’ and follow the instructions there.

What are the lead times?

Quality takes time, but we continuously optimize our systems to offer you the shortest lead times possible when it comes to printing scarves and shipping.

  • Shipping of VOW for Girls scarf: 3-5 business days (within the US), 5-7 business days (outside the US)
  • Production of sample (optional): 3-4 weeks
  • Production of regular order: 5-6 weeks


Which information goes on the scarf?

Most often couples include their first names, wedding location, wedding date, RSVP date, and dress code on the scarf. You are however free to add any text you find most important. We recommend to keep it short for a better design outcome. To share additional information with your guests you could add and customize one of our stationery cards.

How will my invitations be delivered?

We deliver the scarf invitations and any chosen add-ons in a single package to a single address. The scarves will be carefully folded in a protective sleeve and placed inside the selected gift packaging. If you have selected the Gift Box, we will add the selected colored pre-cut ribbons loose with the package, but not tie them around each box. This way you can inspect your invitations or add items if required.

Can I see a sample before ordering?

Yes, you can. We offer custom samples with your design printed on your choice of scarf size and fabric. Simply select ‘Sample order’ on the product page, and add to shopping bag. We charge a flat fee of $240 for samples of any size and material. The lead time for sample production and shipping is 3-4 weeks depending on the shipping address.

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