Meet the designer,
Erich Biehle

"Bravo to your talent, Erich. It is very special."

Hubert de Givenchy,
personal letter to Erich, 2017
Erich Biehle is a world-renowned Swiss textile designer in his own league, specialized in Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter

Erich Biehle worked among others with Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy and Cristobal Balenciaga for whom he created iconic patterns in the 1960’s - 1980s, now exhibited as historic pieces in design museums around the world. Especially with Hubert de Givenchy, he worked very сlosely and created a special bond and friendship. In June 2014 Erich Biehle received the prestigious Grand Prix Design of the Swiss Confederation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pins and sketches from Erich Biehle’s Atelier 2017
Personal letter to Erich from Hubert de Givenchy 2017

Shaping fashion history

Yves Saint Laurent 1968
Givenchy 1984
Interior design used in the movie "Desperately seeking Susan" 1985
Michael Kors 2005

Erich Biehle has over the years created his own unique textile design process, originally inspired from a visit to Andy Warhol in the 1960’s. In this interview, he talks about the steps of this design process and being part of the iconic collection from Yves Saint Laurent “Les Africaines” in 1967.

Interview with Erich Biehle 2017

The Invitation

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The Production

Read the story behind the exclusive
scarf production in Como, Italy.

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Based on your wishes and requirements, we will provide you with a personal quotation, including details on expected preparation, production and delivery lead times. For alternative color combinations, materials or sizes, simply add this in the comments field in the end. If you wish to use your own design or request a limited custom design by Erich Biehle, please contact us.

Note! This is not an order. The quotation will simply give you an idea of the costs and lead times of creating and producing your personal scarf invitation. If you do not yet know the exact number of guests, do not worry, just make a best guess for the quotation.

1. Choose scarf design

Enter the desired quantity for your prefered scarf. Note, the minimum quantity varies, depending on your choice of scarf. If you wish to receive a quote for several scarves, simply add the desired quantity for each scarf.

Milano Red Silk Cashmere
from 8976 EUR / 9912 USD
Min.quantity: 24
Milano Red Satin Chiffon
from 5232 EUR / 6024 USD
Min.quantity: 24
Firenze Pink Silk Cashmere
from 6401 EUR / 7363 USD
Min.quantity: 37
Firenze Pink Satin Chiffon
from 5550 EUR / 6401 USD
Min.quantity: 37
Venezia Blue Silk Twill
from 4370 EUR / 5016 USD
Min.quantity: 38
Verona Pink Silk Cotton
from 2655 EUR / 3068 USD
Min.quantity: 59
Modena Red Silk Cotton
from 2655 EUR / 3068 USD
Min.quantity: 59
Modena Blue Silk Cotton
from 2655 EUR / 3068 USD
Min.quantity: 59
2. Add pocket square

Enter the desired quantity for your preferred pocket square or leave blank if you do not wish to add this to the quote.

Firenze Blue Silk Twill
from 700 EUR / 800 USD
Min.quantity: 20
3. Add wedding pamphlet

Enter the desired quantity for your personalized wedding pamphlet or leave blank if you do not wish to add this to the quote.

4. Add luxury packaging

Enter the desired quantity for the scarf invitation packaging or leave blank if you do not wish to add this to the quote

5. Contact Information

We now have all we need to provide you with a personal quote for your scarf invitation. Please enter your contact information below as well as any additional comments, questions or special wishes and submit your request.

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